Data Analytics & Reporting

Bottlitix uses the latest technologies to deliver robust, yet easy-to-use Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions.

We’ve already integrated liquor board data feeds, cleansed the data, and built a solid technology foundation to support your business.

Bottlitix can be used as is, or customized and enhanced to meet your exact business requirements.  If your business demands more functionality than our basic solution offers, we can build that functionality for you.  The solution is highly configurable, and it can rapidly scale from basic reporting right up to a highly sophisticated Business Intelligence offering.

For those that want to customize the solution further, the technology supports customer self-service.  Query the data directly and create your own reports, charts, graphs, and dashboards.  Then export your work to Word or PowerPoint and share it with your colleagues.

No matter how you decide to use Bottlitix, you will realize business benefits.  No need to ramp up a big, internal project to tackle your reporting goals.  We do the heavy lifting.  Subscribe to Bottlitix!

Bottlitix delivers technology like Office365 for robust easy-to-use reporting